Your Purpose in Life

When I was a teenager I used to ask myself: “Why do I have to make my bed everyday?.”
It didn’t make sense to me doing a chore like that, knowing you will go to sleep at night and in the morning, well, it will have to be made again.
One day I realized that the days I did make it, I had a better sleep, and of course during the day the room looked neater.
Finally it occurred to me that the purpose of fixing my bed was to have a good rest during the night.

I think the same goes for everything. I feel life is bigger than just having a goal or project. If my purpose in life was to get married or have kids, I would be done with life long ago.

Nothing has a meaning until you give it to it. A bunch of puppies at the store are so cute, but is no until you pick up one out that it becomes special.

The beautiful set of new cars at the dealer, they look all alike until you start picking out the size, the color, the number of the doors and the texture of the seats. You review every single feature and finally you make it yours. Now it is special.
John, Jack, Jill; are for me a list of names from a baby book. Because I haven’t met someone with that name yet.

Every day is the same, until something remarkable happens, then you can say: “That’s the day we met, that’s the day we got married, that’s my kid’s tenth birthday”, then October 18 out stands in the calendar.

So, If something needs a purpose, try to find out how the chore or activity is helping you. Maybe You have to start as a cashier before becoming a manager, you have to train early each morning to make it to the team or practice for hours and hours to play the violin in an orchestra.

Particularly I don’t enjoy cooking, but I know whatever I make will be healthier than any fast food meal, so I just try my best, and sprinkle it with love.

Keep giving your best, even if it is a temporary summer job and you are just waiting for a better opportunity to show up.

Is when things serve a bigger purpose that finally everything makes sense, and is our job to try to find the path that makes us grow in what we most enjoy.

I hope you can find and enjoy giving purpose to everything you do in your life.

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