Why Personal Development?

PD4 I classify this blog as of Personal Development, which are activities that help improve our awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Why do People read articles about Personal Development?

The main idea is to know yourself, what you value, what you are passionate of, which are your talents and dreams, and how you can realize them. Any activity that helps you grow, become happier or helps to discover what you really want from life, is considered personal development.

I believe that personal development is about finding and knowing yourself, about having something where you can draw energy when you need a lift, a little push that helps you keep going, or something that gives you hope. It can also help you make changes, find a way to identify and do whatever is that makes you feel that you have a fulfilling and satisfying life.  

Maslow's_Hierarchy_of_Needs.svg It all starts with what Maslow calls “Hierarchy of Needs”, which is a psychology theory proposed in 1943 that states that human needs have a priority, and we need to fulfill our basic needs before higher ones appear. People who have their physiological, safety and belonging needs met, will try to fill their needs of esteem and self-actualization.

Probably is true, when people don’t have to worry about their food, housing or money, and have some free time, then they look for ways to increase their happiness, to realize their dreams, to find something that brings meaning and fulfillment in life.

Where can I find more information about Personal Development?

A book that I’m reading now about the subject is “The Charge, Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive” by Brendon Burchard. In this book Brendon suggests that most people have what they “need” to be happy, but they rarely feel the levels of excitement, engagement, or satisfaction they deserve; and that the only way to measurably improve the quality of your life is to learn how to activate the very 10 drives that make you most human, so we can have more passion in our lives.

There is plenty of information about Personal Development, actually browsing the web I found a site that has great content, I loved it has videos posted, so there is a lot of information available in a short time, and also has all the information in writing.

I personally loved the topic about “Balance between Fate and Free Will” and totally recommend that you take a look when you have a chance: NoahHammond.com

Hopefully you will find something interesting too.

Until next Friday.

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2 Responses to Why Personal Development?

  1. Food For The Journey says:

    This is just what I needed today. My therapy session this morning brought up the problem of my unmet needs. Something I apparently ignore and not so innocently. Sigh. I intent to start following your blog. I need the inspiration (no pun intended).

    • joyce75 says:

      Hi Food For The Journey,
      I’m really thrilled that this post helped you.
      Welcome to the site, maybe you would like some of the previous post too.
      Have a wonderful weekend.

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