The Power Of Words

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”.

We can say that we are going to pretend to be deaf towards mean words, but feelings are a little more complicated than just acting like something really didn’t happen.

what are word for?

what are word for? (Photo credit: Darwin Bell)

Have you ever seen a scary movie and felt a little jumpy afterwards?. I have, and I can tell that consciously I was totally aware that it was just a movie, that I was safe and away of any kind of psychopath; but still I could feel alert and specially aware of my environment.

That’s why I think we should be very mindful about what we say, since we can’t tell how others feel toward our comments, we can really hurt someone’s feelings with just words.

Words are a powerful tool that can create happiness and magic or wounds and tears.

This is so true specially for young children, they really believe everything we say and that everything said is true.  It’s amazing how sentences like: “You can do it”, “I trust you”, “You are so special”, can do wonders for their self-esteem and security. This is because deeper in us exists the desire to be accepted, approved and even being admired, specially by our parents and our loved ones.

A word of encouragement at the right time can motivate and even help us to keep going and get over that step we are struggling with.

On the other side, if we are always pointing out the weaknesses or mistakes of those around us, we are planting the seed of doubt and inadequacy on them. When we make a mistake we are vulnerable, we already feel that we failed, that we should have known better and do things different. Criticisms will only push us deeper.

Less try to avoid the straw that broke the camel’s back. Let’s say that magic word that will help your loved ones grow instead of saying something that will make them think that they aren’t good enough to make it.

We really have the power to make a difference in everyone around us, let’s choose wisely.

I love this picture from the Hay House, It sums all up beautifully:

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  1. l0ve0utl0ud says:

    You’re right – I love the last image which really conveys my own idea of speech and communication of any kind.

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    has shared this enormous piece of writing at here.

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