Dealing With Grief

How come I’m talking about pain and sadness a in a blog that is aimed to lift the spirit?

Well, life is not a bed of roses. Or maybe yes, it is, and that’s the reason why we can’t help finding some thorns now and then. Nobody is excluded of facing adversity in life.

We all know that some day we’ll leave this world; but this knowledge doesn’t make it any easier when its our turn to face the loss of a loved one. That moment is one of the most difficult tests of life.

The sadness, hurt and sorrow that we feel at that time, is not going to disappear just trying to look at the bright side. Honestly, is there any positive side of not being able to interact anymore with our loved ones?. Of course not.

But we need to accept the fact that as horrible as it is, it’s our new reality. Regrets won’t help because nothing can be changed now.

Actually, it is by embracing our sadness and fully accepting our feelings that we will be able to move on.
Yes, we are allowed to feel weak and sick, lonely and scared, hurt and desperate. It’s OK to let us mourn, and cry until we ran out of tears, at least we think we ran out of tears, only to find out we have some more the next day.

Probably we won’t be able to find the answers to: “Why me?”, “Why now?”. But we need to find the strength to keep going since we are the ones that are still here.

Maybe this moments are the ones that make us to believe in God. Believing that there is something bigger, holding, protecting and guiding us, makes us feel less lonely, safer and stronger.

Having the conviction that there is a reason beyond our comprehension about why things happened and why we are the ones that have to continue with our life, bring us hope.

One day, (which I hope comes sooner than later), we will be able to feel “in peace” and “move on”. That doesn’t mean we forgot or aren’t feeling hurt anymore. Is just that we resigned, we know we won’t be able to see or touch our loved ones again, but we will keep them alive in our heart and mind.

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