Dealing With Change

I can’t recall facing lots of changes while I was growing up. I lived in the same house since I was 8 years old until I finished college. I went to the local elementary school, the local middle school and the local high school. Most of my friends from middle school went to the same high school too (ooh, the blessings of zip codes). I always spent summer and Christmas at my aunt’s home, and even remember buying our food at the same grocery store typically on Sunday mornings.

It was until I got married that my life got a twist, because that same year, I got pregnant and went to live to another country. Since then, I jokingly say that change is the only constant in my life.

As a new-born, my baby use to wake me up really early, fortunately when she was six months old she started sleeping through the night. As a toddler, she used to take two naps when suddenly she surprised me by giving up one and then the other.

By age 3 she started preschool. It was hard for her to stay at school, it was a new environment, with new people and without me. But after a couple of months and some tears from both of us, finally everything was going smooth. Then I decided to have another kid.

Actually September is a month that always brings plenty of changes to my life, since it’s when school starts. Our relaxed days of summer change to days filled with structure. We have a time to get up, be at school, get back home and go to bed. But change is not always unpleasantly unwelcome, this year my little one is going to school five days a week instead of three, and that’s a change I was looking forward.

Even I have been facing frequent changes for the last decade, I still find it uncomfortable when a change just jumps in my life and surprises me. Like when my favorite librarian was promoted to a new far away branch, or my best friend bought a new house making harder to schedule play dates, instead of just crossing the street and knocking at her door .

I know is just life, and I’m glad about promotions and improvement, it’s the feeling of the unexpected, loosing control, the fear of the unknown, that makes changes so challenging for me.

Can you recall how everything is so new the first day in a new job?, the building, the parking, your office, you have to figure it out even the place where people have lunch.
But by the second day you have the answer for all these things, and you don’t feel that lost, and by the end of the week the new is not that new anymore, and you feel more comfortable. You can say, that you are already enjoying it.

I know it’s hard to change habits, to let go things that have been familiar for a long time, but trust that the change you are facing is for good, and actually maybe something better than what you expected might show up.

It doesn’t matter if you are newly wed, a new comer to a city or country, just graduated from school, changed jobs or became a parent for the first time. With each day your new reality will become more and more familiar, until once again you will be ready to face another change.

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