Day 52: Being Self Reliant

sunshine4 Usually in Christmas, we give a gift card to an instructor at the gym, it is a way to say thank you for a year of great workouts, for being so dedicated, friendly and responsible. A friend and I collect money for that during December.

One day she was totally upset because someone told her that he didn’t want to be part of the donations: “Why would I want to do that, if he has a salary anyway?.”, was the upsetting answered received. Casually I had just spoken to another member, and she wrote a check for $50 in that moment, so I told my friend to cheer up because of that large contribution, but that didn’t seem to happen.

This kind of situations really kept me thinking:
“Why some people focus in the bad things that happen, instead if the good ones?

Do bad things weight more than good ones, so we need more good things than bad to balance?

Is anything we can do to let go and forget what upset us?”

And that is how I decided to write for a year, for 52 weeks I wanted to focus on the bright side of daily events, I wanted to create this habit, as Anne Frank wrote in her diary: “I do not think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains”. “I have found that in every misfortune there is always some beauty left – in nature, sunshine, freedom, in yourself; these can all help you. If you only look for it, you will discover more and more happiness and regain your balance.”

Today is the week 52, and what I found was that mostly it is the attitude, our perspective or way of thinking what counts, we can’t control all the events in our life, like the economy and the weather, but we can choose to stay inside or bring an umbrella if it is raining. We need to be self-conscious and choose to see the good that still remains, and find the resources that keep us motivated or in a positive light, we need to be creative and even keep us self motivated.

My post number 52 also means that it is my last one, the previous ones will still remain, is only that from now on I won’t be adding new material.

I want to say thank you for following me, I appreciate and I’m really grateful for those who have been with me during this journey, thank you so much for all your likes and comments and specially for being there, reading the posts. Hopefully each Friday I really brought some sunshine to your day. A special thank you goes to my husband too, for helping me with this project.

I also want to apologize if I didn’t happen to answer some comments, this is something I didn’t get to master, since they sometimes were classified as spam, and I had some trouble differentiating them.

It has been a pleasure seeing how something that was just an idea is now tangible, doing something just for pleasure, something that brings happiness, doing it just for fun, being constructive, is very self motivating. Now is your turn, what would you do to make yourself happy?

sunset5I will take more time to continue reading great books. Hopefully a year was enough to set my mind into a positive attitude.

Hasta La Vista.


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Why Personal Development?

PD4 I classify this blog as of Personal Development, which are activities that help improve our awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, enhance the quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Why do People read articles about Personal Development?

The main idea is to know yourself, what you value, what you are passionate of, which are your talents and dreams, and how you can realize them. Any activity that helps you grow, become happier or helps to discover what you really want from life, is considered personal development.

I believe that personal development is about finding and knowing yourself, about having something where you can draw energy when you need a lift, a little push that helps you keep going, or something that gives you hope. It can also help you make changes, find a way to identify and do whatever is that makes you feel that you have a fulfilling and satisfying life.  

Maslow's_Hierarchy_of_Needs.svg It all starts with what Maslow calls “Hierarchy of Needs”, which is a psychology theory proposed in 1943 that states that human needs have a priority, and we need to fulfill our basic needs before higher ones appear. People who have their physiological, safety and belonging needs met, will try to fill their needs of esteem and self-actualization.

Probably is true, when people don’t have to worry about their food, housing or money, and have some free time, then they look for ways to increase their happiness, to realize their dreams, to find something that brings meaning and fulfillment in life.

Where can I find more information about Personal Development?

A book that I’m reading now about the subject is “The Charge, Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive” by Brendon Burchard. In this book Brendon suggests that most people have what they “need” to be happy, but they rarely feel the levels of excitement, engagement, or satisfaction they deserve; and that the only way to measurably improve the quality of your life is to learn how to activate the very 10 drives that make you most human, so we can have more passion in our lives.

There is plenty of information about Personal Development, actually browsing the web I found a site that has great content, I loved it has videos posted, so there is a lot of information available in a short time, and also has all the information in writing.

I personally loved the topic about “Balance between Fate and Free Will” and totally recommend that you take a look when you have a chance:

Hopefully you will find something interesting too.

Until next Friday.

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Coach Yourself to Success

Two years ago I was talking with a friend, who mentioned that she was meeting with a life coach, I had never heard of this profession before, but I know that athletes use coaches to develop their abilities to the maximum; so it makes sense to me that having a coach will help you define and reach goals faster, and help you become the best person you can. book

In the book Coach Yourself To Success”, personal coach Talane Miedaner shares 101 tips that can help you reach your goals at work and in life.

The first chapter is focused on ways to Increase Your Natural Power. We can do this by eliminating things that drain our energy, getting rid of bad habits and things that we “should” do. We can also add things that increase our energy, like having something to look forward to every day. Finally it talks about how to protect ourselves from unpleasant people and remarks.

Chapter two, called Clean Up your Act is focused on  uncluttering and simplifying your life, this can be done by hiring help in our areas of weakness, learning to say no sometimes and even doing Feng Shui.

Chapter three, Making Money Work for You, has the goal to make money a detail in your life, not the main concern. Lack of money is the most common excuse people use to explain why they aren’t happier or doing what they love to do. Here the focus is on paying your debts, setting savings accounts and buying insurance. You can even fantasize about being a billionaire and start attracting the life you want.

After making money, Make Time When There Isn’t Any, is covered in chapter four. Tracking your time, turning off the television, planning your day or doing one thing at a time are some of the tips offered here.

Building Powerful Relationships is a must, we need other people for support and encouragement. Having the right connections and knowing powerful people will greatly increase your chances for success. We work toward this goal when we identify and fulfill our emotional needs, when we ask for what we want, when we date our spouse, and by building a strong network of special friends that become your family.

Do Work You Love, No one attracts success more than someone who is doing what he or she loves to do. When you are doing what you love, your eyes sparkle, you are happy and excited about life, you are full of energy and joy. Discover your unique talent, work on projects that light you up, and finding your path in life are the main ideas of this chapter.

Chapter seven, Work Smarter, Not Harder; is about delegating your weaknesses and strengthening your strengths, making changes and keeping you phone calls short, friendly and focused.

Communicating with Power, Grace, and Style is all about not gossiping, listening profoundly, turning complaints into requests, or biting your tongue when you need to. It also has a very wise advise: stop trying to change people.

When you take better care of yourself, you start believing that you are worth more. You are sending out the message to the universe that you deserve more, and attract more, you attract wealth and opportunities simply by taking exceptionally good care of yourself. Exercising, surrounding yourself with beauty and doing fun things that won’t break the bank account are some of the tips included in the chapter about Taking Care of Your Best Asset.

Finally, Effortless Success focuses on attracting what you want by shifting your thinking from wanting to having, adding extra value to every interaction and celebrating your successes.  top

You can find more about Talane or follow her blog here.

Have a great week

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The Gratefulness and Happiness Diary

suuny grassSix months ago my mom had an accident, she fell from a height of about 10 feet, broke her ankle and a vertebra. After a double surgery, three months of bed rest and physical therapy she is walking again, and how we value that she is alive. We value that she can walk and we value that she was able to visit us again as every summer.

Often is not until we face adversity, that we realize how lucky or blessed we are. Why do we have to walk the rough path to value the smooth shady one?. I don’t know, but I believe most of us are like this.

I read about having a gratefulness diary a couple of years ago. The idea behind writing this diary is recognizing the importance and value of those small things that we take for granted. Many authors point that writing is a great way to process our feelings, when things are hard to say, or we feel hurt, is good to write things down to get over those feelings.

The difference with a gratefulness diary, is that here we will focus on things or events that we feel lucky to have, so that when times come in which we feel blue, we can start reading about those things we are grateful for, and hopefully we can start having a warm feeling of happiness in our heart. In our gratefulness diary we can also write about moments when we really feel fulfilled and radiant.

This reminds me a habit I had when I was a teenager, I used to fill a box with items that remind me of happy times, valentine cards, party invites, movie tickets, and so on. Having a box of memories or writing about happy events, make us focus on moments where we feel successful, important or positive, is a way to create a selective memory of events we want to remember.

I am grateful because I am healthy,gratitude final

I live in a free and safe country,

I have a loving family and my basic needs are met. …

What are you grateful for? 

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