Making Things Happen

Sometimes good things happen just because, like finding money on the street, getting a good parking space, finding the item you need on sale at the mall or finding no traffic in the freeway; but other times, nothing seems to happen at all.

birdI know that when weeks go by, and one day looks like the next, or the one before, I need to incorporate change. In times like this, I feel that I need to meet with old friends, to take a new class or to visit a new place, but I know any of this is going to happen until I make some calls, enroll, show up, or at least, until I start driving.

The truth is that sometimes things don’t happen just because we are procrastinating them.

I have been thinking about painting a bathroom, this has been going on almost for a year now, I have the paint and the brushes but I have been busy with everything else to actually start painting it, or at least this is what I want to believe, meaning that it is the excuse I give to myself.

Usually things happen in our life when we set them as a priority, when something is really important, we assign it the time to do it and make it happen.

Last week I was talking to a friend about loosing weight, he commented that he started exercising because his neighbor, a close friend of his, died at a young age from complications of being overweight. He felt he was just following that path and felt the need to something about it. A situation like this can be a close call and usually can motivate many of us to change our habits, but is sad that we need quite a shock to change, and what happens if that call never comes?, what else can we do to make changes and to set them as a priority?

I consider that the first step we need to take to reach our goals is to commit to them, we need to make the commitment to the idea or the activity and then have a plan to reach it. Just dreaming of having a beautiful house is not enough to get it, we also need to start saving money for the down payment.

stair caseReally, nothing is going to happen until you are committed and motivated to do it. If things are not happening is because something else is getting our attention, which is absolutely fine when you know and follow your priorities. But if there is something you really want, set aside the time to incorporate it in your life, maybe do it first thing in the morning, and with discipline and persistence, things will happen.

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