Making Decisions

roads One of the most stressful and uncomfortable things that I usually have to face, is the simple act of making a selection: choosing one thing among many options.

I think this is because I really feel the pressure of responsibility. Yes, if something goes wrong and anyone ask: “Who suggested this brilliant idea?”. Who do you think will be the one in trouble?. Oh, yes that would be me.

So, even I make my best effort avoiding to be on the spot, sometimes I have to step in because nobody else want’s to do it. Maybe now and then everyone feels the same way.

There are many factors involved in the process of making a selection between alternatives.
Small decision are easier to handle, this are everyday options that have no consequence or little impact in the near future, like what to order at a restaurant. Maybe I will go for something that I carve, or if I’m in the: “take care of my shape mood”, I will pick my meal based on the calories listed on the menu.

Definitively our decisions are always influenced by our experiences and personality: “my mom is a nurse, so I grew up thinking that vaccines are good and safe despite of the lately rumors that they might cause autism”.

Also, dreams and ideals outweigh the fear of failing, when we know what we want, we usually will try to get it, and we aren’t discouraged by failure. Following your heart, standing for your values makes easier the make a selection.

One thing that really gets in the way of making a good decision is lack of knowledge. The less we know about something, the more insecure we feel about the actions we are about to take. But even in this case, we could research the topic, and follow the advice of an expert, hoping that they are right.
We could also hire someone who knows what we don’t, this would help us get out of trouble: “If I was going to sell my house, I rather have help from someone who knows more about the process than doing it by myself”.

So, making a decision is easy when we know what we want, we know what is right, or we know what it is that we are supposed to do. I guess the really thing that gets us stuck in the way of making a decision is when we need to choose between what we desire and what we know is right:

  • If your sister lives in a better school district, would you use her address to enroll your kids in that school?
  • You found your best friend’s husband kissing another woman, would you confront them? Would you tell your friend?
  • You find a diamond bracelet at the beach, do you keep it or you turn it to the local police department?

In this situations, making decisions doesn’t sound that easy, I’m glad that they don’t come across in my life so often. In general, if you can resist temptation, at least you can find solace in having done what is moral correct. dice

And in the dreadful situation when despite all this, we still don’t know what to choose; I guess we can use one last resource: gut reaction, leave it to luck, flip a coin and see what happens.

Anyway at the end what will really matter is that we are happy with the choices we make.

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