The Last Words

There is a sitcom that I like a lot and is called: “How I met your mother”. It has an episode called: “Last Words”, in which the father of one of the main characters passes away, and the group of friends attends the funeral. The theme of the service is last words, the last conversation the deceased had with his friends and relatives.

hold handsWe all know that we are going to die someday, but usually we imagine ourselves being 95 years old, and in bed-rest, talking to each of our loved ones one by one, having enough time to make those last words full of love and wisdom.

Usually when we have a conflict, feel resentment towards someone or have any unfinished issues with anyone, we want to wait for the other party to accept its fault, and usually that never happens; then we wait until the last-minute to make it up. Maybe we are arrogant or way to scared to be the first ones to say:”I’m sorry”, but when we are dying, we know there is not going to be a next time, and we also know that the other person may not be the first one to say it, so we decide to finally have the talk.

It’s sad to wait until then to try to fix every relationship we have, specially because even if we do get old and have all the time to talk about it, we don’t have any guarantees that this will for sure take place.

Sometimes we forget that accidents happen, sometimes people die really young and all of a sudden all the plans stay incomplete. We say they still had too much to do, and we start remembering our time together and looking for those last words. Then we will wonder if they knew how important, special and dear they were to us and really regret if we missed to show it anyhow.

But more important than those last words, even when we have the misfortune to lose a loved one, what we will remember the most are the good times that we spend together, and hopefully our everyday interactions will speak louder than those last words, specially if those were silly, not so deep, or not so lovely as we would have wanted them to be. hands lake

Now and then is good to remember there are no guarantees, if you have something nice to say to someone, don’t keep it to yourself, even if they are not your last words, you’ll still make their day. Specially because we don’t have any guaranties, why not take the chance?


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