Identifying Your Natural Talent

talent1 Last week I attended a talk called: “What Were You Born to do“, I attended not only to find out everything about the topic, but also because, I was so curious about the persons who may attend and their ages: “Will I be the only middle-aged person reflecting about this?”.

Well, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to find out that people of all ages were there, and most of them defined themselves as unsatisfied, puzzled, bored and inconsistent. I was so happy and relieved to hear many stories about how people have a feeling that something is missing in their lives, and that they wanted to do something else.

There was a girl in her middle twenties, she wanted to change careers, but she was doubtful to do so because she believe that, doing so will mean that her last four years of education were a waste, all of her classmates were graduating and finding a job while she was thinking of starting all over again. I just thought: that was me 10 years ago!.
I approached her and said: ” I changed careers too, is not as bad as it seems, besides I rather waste four years than thirty doing something that doesn’t brings me joy”.

I believe that we have to give it a try to whatever it is that attract us in our career path, even if we were not born to do that, at least after trying we know that it was not it, and we can move to the next option. “Making mistakes”, exploring alternatives is part of being young.

The speaker mentioned that only 4% of the population are using their natural talent, and those persons are famous and rich, because when you do what you like to do and you are good at it, you just excel, money and fame come easily. Work is not work, because you enjoy it so much that you would do it, even if you weren’t paid for.

What I liked the most about the speech was the approach to find the answer to the enigma: “How do you know what you were born to do?”. Basically we had to reflect in questions like:“When you were a kid, how did you spent your time?, What did you play with?”.
“When you have a hard day at work and come home really tired, What do you do that makes lose track off time?”.
“If you are not an early bird, what would make getting up early exciting, just this one time?”

Your natural talent is something you do all the time and you enjoy it, you have been doing this since you were a kid, maybe you call it a hobby, but when you do this activity, time flies, you feel happy, useful and complete. Your natural talent is something that motivates you, it seems you can’t have enough of it. strengths-finder

Well, the tricky part is that only you have the answer, or well the answers for the enigma. I think that big questions in life can have more than one answer. Feelings and observation can be tools that can help in your quest. Feelings are like a compass guiding us in our search, they give us feed back when something is good for us or not, and paying attention to our habits can give us a clue about patterns or things that we do to relax, or activities that we have done for many years.

If you know what you and you do it everyday, you are one lucky person. If you are in the process to identify it: “Happy talent searching and good luck”.

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3 Responses to Identifying Your Natural Talent

  1. l0ve0utl0ud says:

    I am in the same position now: in my mid twenties and wanting to change my career. Scary, but necessary, I believe… 🙂

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