Keeping Things in Perspective

persp3 One of the best advice I have ever received is about keeping things in perspective. Can you remember something that happen 5 years ago that made you feel really upset?, Does it really matter right now?.

I remember one time being upset because my brother ruined one of my favorite CD’s, I can tell which song I used to liked the most, but also I can say that It’s not my favorite anymore. Is funny how as time goes by, some things stop being special for us, maybe we develop new habits or interest or just get curious about new things instead of the boring old stuff.

Anyhow, we change through time, and that is why is helpful to now and then ask ourselves:”Is this going to matter five years from now?”. And to react accordingly.

I like that my kids brush their teeth and go to bed early (8:30 pm), but if one day we take them to Disneyland and stay till 10:00 p.m., I don’t think it will be detrimental , (of course I wouldn’t take them the day before a school test).

If one day you come late to work, well everyone understands that can happen to any of us, but being late everyday, or the day of a job interview, won’t help your image.

Keeping things in perspective helps us not to “sweat on the small stuff”, and I think that, what makes the difference between the small and the big stuff, are your values.

Coming back to the example of CD, maybe I don’t care anymore about that specific CD, but I care that everyone respects private property, ask permission to take things that doesn’t belong to them and that we should repair any damage caused in case an accident happens.

I always tell my kids that whatever it is what they did, we can work it out, but I don’t know how to help if they are lying. persp2

So, The bottom line is that it is not about getting upset about a specific action: “The kid spill the juice”, but to reflect about why we are getting upset. If we are just hungry, tired, or feeling bad about something else, we should let it go. However if the action really bothers us, it may be an opportunity to explain why it disturb us and to teach about what we value.

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