Regrets, Letting them Go!.

regretSometimes in life we regret having done something, and at other times we regret not taking action as well. I guess this is because we either imagine our actions having a different outcome, or that we regret our lack of conviction, we see it as a weakness.

One thing that I can say I regret is that, when I was in college, I didn’t apply to go to Canada to study my 6th semester there. I was too scared about loosing my scholarship that I just let go that opportunity. I thought that if the subjects were so hard in my native language (Spanish), what could I expect by studying them in English?. I regret being afraid of failing.

On the other hand, in the movie “Back to the Future”, one single change in events would impact the way things turn out. This may be true sometimes, but I also believe in destiny, that is, some events will happen to you no matter what you do or stop doing.

For example I’m a member of a club that has several locations around my place. I was used to go to a location that was 7 miles away, but they closed. So hearing that the same class was offered 16 miles away I decided to go there, instead of the logic place to go, which is the closest location.

A year has passed already and guess what?, my 16 miles away location closed this month. I finally decided to face what I called destiny, I’m now going to a location that is 9 miles away from my home, the one I was avoiding to go all this time just because I’m a perfect stranger there.

So what was all that fuss about?, or what did I gain by driving all that extra miles the whole year?. Maybe I wanted to avoid the change. For sure I wanted to keep going to that class because it was a great workout. Anyway even I did everything I could to keep taking that class, the time to stop has arrived, lets call it destiny.

Nobody has a crystal ball to tell what would have happened if you did or stopped doing something. The only thing that is left is the experience and the learning.

Even when things don’t turn out the way we expected, we can’t change what happened, we can say I’m sorry, try again, or we can try to compensate the experience, but for sure we can only keep going forward.
For example, when I finished my bachelors degree I went to Toronto for 15 days in a school interchange with only one subject: English. That was the way I tried to compensate the experience I missed before.

So, what I mean, is that sometimes we don’t need to try so hard to make something work, since what is ours will come to us when we aren’t trying to push the river. Whatever we did, we had our reasons, and even when we can’t imagine all the possible outcomes, we did what we could to get what we expected. soul

Life is like throwing a ball, we do everything we can to send it where we want to, but once is off our hand that’s another story, we don’t have any more influence over it. Don’t regret the ball that didn’t hit the spot, practice and throw a new one, because we can only change this side or the story. All that matters is if you are doing the best you can to make it hit the spot.

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