Being Kind

teresaBeing kind is defined as being friendly, generous and considerate, and I believe that is one of the best things we can do for us and for others, since helping others makes us feel happy and good about ourselves.

Doing something kind is as simple as holding the door open for the mom that comes with a stroller, saying hi to our neighbors or cleaning up the table you were using at the fast food area.

The magic of kind moments is that they are so simple to do, but they make a huge difference on the recipient, like letting the person behind you go first on the line since he has fewer items, or donating the lemons you are not going to use from your lemon tree.

Also they have the potential of having a ripple effect, maybe the person you were kind to, feeling happy about your kindness will also do something for the next person he meets. Having a lot of people doing kind things for others makes the world a better place to be.

For example, just today as I was dropping my kids to school, I saw that there were not enough volunteers to open the doors of the cars in the drop lane. It was just the same guy, the one that is always there, rain or shine, all alone. He is always so kind with the kids, that I just parked the car and joined him.

After the bell rang and all the kids were in, he thanked me, but I said: “Thanks to you, because you do this every day”. I really felt obligated to help him since he is so kind.

Another example that I can talk about, happened last month. It was girl scout cookies season, and you could find girl scouts stands out of every supermarket, farmer markets and malls. I myself have 2 girl scouts, a Daisy and a Junior, so it was a long month of booth sales.

One Saturday the girls asked as the costumer went into the store: “Do you want to buy girl scout cookies?”. And the guy replied: “Actually my daughter is a Girl scout too, and I know that what you are doing is hard. But I have been so lucky to have the support of my friends at work who bought like 130 boxes already, that yes, I want a box, I just can’t say no”.

For me he is a hero and I think I’ll never forget this act, and I can’t help but think that he must be a joy to his family and friends.

The other experience I witnessed happened last Christmas, I was standing on the line of a craft store when a lady gave a gift card to the person who was in front of me, she just said: “This is for you, merry Christmas”, and kept walking and giving away a couple more of the gift cards to other persons standing in the long line. kind

I’m impressed when common sense actions need to become laws, because we need to enforce them, like no smoking near the playground, or making a child ride on a car seat.

Every day our actions speak loud of who we are. Are you usually a hero?. Do you need a law to behave courteously?, or are you something in between?.

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