Stages of Connection

What is all about?

This is a question that each of us has to find an answer to, from the simple everyday small things like: “why I chose this schedule or location for my daughter’s ballet class?”, to the big ones like: “what do I really want in life?”.

arms-interlocked-connections-sky_pop_12906For me is all about connection, the ability to reach out, to find someone to talk or just smile to.
I feel so good when I make a difference in other people’s life. I really enjoy being surrounded by people, and treasure the moments when I feel that everything is alright because I have someone to count with.
Each day I look forward to see who I will meet in a class, at a reunion, and even when I arrive home at noon, I feel so good when the cat greets me because the house is so empty and quiet at that time.

Being so delighted with making connections, one of my biggest disappointments is losing them. I think we are like the sand of the beach and friends are the waves of the ocean. The waves come and go but at the sand keeps always getting wet.

WISE Infrared View of Comet Siding SpringI also believe that we are like comets, we have an orbit or trajectory to follow, the path in which our soul will grow. While we are traveling on this path we will meet other “comets” or people who have a parallel trajectory to ours.
We will stay together as long as we are going in the same direction, we have the same goal, like working together, have the same hobby or being neighbors. As long as both parts are growing, the relationship will continue.
Probably when things change, is because each person has to continue their own orbit, that means, his very own path for growing.

Being so focused in making connections, surprisingly I really didn’t understand the part of being connected to strangers.

I have always heard the expression: “As judge be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”, or that what we do, influences everything and everyone around us. But I really never got it the way I did this week while I was reading about karma.
The passage said: “We get what we deserve. We are born, we live, we die, and then we start the process all over again. Why would God create one person beautiful and handsome, brilliant, rich and privileged an another ugly and poor?.
All in life only makes sense if we have to experience everything and everybody has to pay for things they have done to harm others”.

This idea really rocked my world and definitively helped me see disappointment under another light. I can’t believe I was the kind of neighbor that put the music really loud until late hours or one who parked at the neighbor’s driveway.
Now I feel more connected to anyone and I really think it twice about how my actions are making the other person feel.

I do believe there is life after life, but what happens there, if it happens, is something that we will figure out at the right time; for now we are here and we can only speculate what it is all about.

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