Stop Worrying, Act!.

What is it that worries you?,

How do you feel when you start thinking about it?,worry

What are you doing about it?.

Have you realized that those little things that keep your mind busy in the background: “Is tax season: are your taxes ready?”, don’t forget to pay the bills, call your mom, take the car to an oil change, and so on; are distracting you and draining your energy during the day?

Six months ago I discovered a dark line that ran around one of my upper molars, and I started worrying about it. Now and then I would think: “What if it is a cavity?”, “What if it keeps growing and starts hurting?”. To make things worse, one day I even dreamt that all the teeth of that side suddenly fell.

I’m so good at making up horror movies in my mind out of any situation, and actually that was how I realized how much energy I was spending on that thought. At that point I decided to call my dentist and make an appointment. Finally last Friday my dentist took a look at the cavity, she considered it to be pretty small, but still fixed it.

I felt really good releasing all that energy I was using to worry, is was like a heavy burden was lifted from my shoulders.

Thinking ahead is good when it helps you to be prepared for an event, like looking at the weather forecast. We have been having sunny days lately, but it seems we will have some rain during the weekend. The kids are already used to the warm weather, so I need to remind them that we are still in winter and that they need to wear warm clothes when the weather changes.

But, if you are just worrying, and worrying and worrying and not doing anything about it, you are not getting anywhere, and worse, you are making yourself tired and stressed with all that noise in the background. Just sitting and worrying and worrying and sitting, is not going to change anything around.

I have a friend that has a little ritual to get rid of worries, she says it works like a charm every time.
When she catches herself worrying, she sets a timer for fifteen minutes and allows to worry and think about the situation and all the things that might happen, but when the alarm goes off, she stops and concentrates in what she needs to work in. She says that if the thought comes back during the day she reminds herself that she gave attention to that situation already and that tomorrow she will get another chance to deal with it (for another 15 minutes). Is like putting your worries on hold, allowing yourself to focus in what you are doing now.

Please, don’t stay there just worrying about not returning the books to the library on time, put a reminder in your calendar instead.
Don’t worry about forgetting to bring the water and snacks to the kids game on Saturday, maybe you can put them in the car’s trunk the night before99 if they don’t spoil. And when nothing can be done in advance to help, you might want to worry for fifteen minutes and then, well just trust things will have a happy ending or accept that is just the way it is, and that something good might come out of all this. Sometimes all you can do about it is wait.

I wish that you can get rid of all your worries and find the peace and energy that comes when you are free.

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