Being Appreciative

 The way to develop the best that is in a man, is by appreciation and encouragement.- Charles Schwab

There is a class at the gym that I regularly attend that I like a lot, mainly because I really don’t feel that I’m working out and I have seen changes in my shape and in the shape of my classmates. But most of my enjoyment is because the instructor is frequently encouraging us.

During class he will walk around to check the form, that means the way you are holding the weights and doing the bends or squats. Words like “good job”, “you got it”, “everybody is doing so well, I’m proud of you” are expressions that we constantly hear.

The class usually ends with something like: “Give a big hand to yourself, and remember that you are fantastic. Thanks again for coming”.


Actually, I used to be very intrigued by this phrase. I can understand the thank you part, of course if nobody came there wouldn’t be a class, but it was the constant and sincere affirmation part that always left me thinking why?. Why he would say that?.

I don’t hear compliments very often, and is also unusual that I would just accept it and be thankful. Most of us are like this and that is exactly the reason why he uses to say it.

Sometimes communication seems that only serves the purpose of making a request: “can I have more juice?”. However, it’s amazing how a little feedback or words of encouragement can motivate the person to keep doing their job at their best; and is something that can be as easy to do as in the example above.

We all like to be appreciated.appreciation

It’s like when someone gives us a gift, it’s great to get what you wanted, but what we appreciate the most, is that they are thinking about us and that they took the time to let us know that they care.

Even if it’s a service I’m paying for, I still appreciate that I’m not the one washing the car or mowing the lawn.

So, if you have someone who is doing something for you, and you really like the way is done, don’t forget to let them know. They will feel good about it and will keep up with your expectations. “Thank you”, and “I really appreciate it”, are still magic words.

Thanks again for stopping by.

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