Being Worthy.

Who are you and what do you do?.

I think that we tend to define ourselves by what we do, and success by the amount of money and material possessions we have. But what happens if we are out of work, between careers or retired?. Probably then, we would feel not useful, needed or valued.

I consider myself loyal, truthful and caring, and I am drawn to the same kind of persons. I wouldn’t like to have a boyfriend who picked me up in his last model BMW or Ferrari, invited me for lunch at the most expensive restaurants and took me to other expensive places during the weekend, to finally find out that the car is rented and he owes a big amount of money on his credit cards.

Why do we pretend to be something we are not, or to live a life we can’t afford?, Is that the price we need to pay for being accepted and included?.

final moo

In the children’s book Miss Moo Goes to the Zoo, Kelly Graves tells the story of a cow that is not happy living in a farm, convinced that she can’t bear her boring life anymore, she decides to leave and search for the excitement she is missing.
Eventually she founds herself at a zoo, where she is not welcomed, and her self-esteem starts to decrease. Fortunately for her, the zoo keeper takes her to the petting zoo where she founds the perfect home.

I think this can happen to anyone, we can get criticized by the lions, giraffes and elephants in our lives for not being as they are, or for not doing what they do; but is up to us believe if we can even be measured by those standards.

fish tree genius

I know am worthy because of who I am, no matter what gets or not done any given day, and I would definitively be friends with someone like myself. I hope this is a statement that you can also hold true regardless of what other people think, or what is the amount of your paycheck any given day.

Also, I believe that our true-self will shine in the environment we are meant to be. Don’t be afraid to leave the farm just because it is comfortable, remember that the petting zoo can be just around the corner.

Love and value yourself and others will follow.

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2 Responses to Being Worthy.

  1. I really love this message. The fish quote is great too! Authenticity is so important. I got a great piece of advice the other day… Someone said to me “We don’t change in the ways that we know will make us more comfortable because we are afraid of the risks. Well, think of the risks of avoiding your destiny. That is the true risk. Fear and regret.”

    • joyce75 says:

      Hi Vironika,
      Yes, we are afraid of taking risks, the unknown is scary. We prefer staying in our comfort zone. But the things we will regret the most are the ones we didn’t get to do when we have the opportunity. Thanks for your kind words and for taking time for writing.

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