The Power of One

Today as usual, I walked into the gym that I regularly attend, I have been a member for some years now, meaning that I get to see familiar faces here and there. So, I immediately noticed the new girl at the front desk.


Anyway, as soon as I handed out my membership card I was greeted by an unusually friendly: “Hello, good morning, have a great workout”. It was a pretty awesome way to start the day, specially being 5:30 am.

During the day I couldn’t stop thinking about how one person can make all the difference between one thing or another. For example, for the homeless guy who is everyday at the light of an intersection asking for some change, the person that stops and gives some coins or the left overs of their lunch, is the one that makes the difference for him between having something to eat or not.

Usually one person is all you need to have a tidy house; one person can change the color of the dirty walls and another one, may have an artistic vision to arrange a space and make it beautifully decorated.

One person is all it takes to make a difference wherever you are. This is so true even for a plant, if you are the one that waters it, you are making all the difference for it.

Anyone can rescue an animal from a shelter, or make a contribution to their favorite charity, and amazing people even donate their organs. The more I think about other examples, the more I realize how powerful we are, how our actions and attitude can make all the difference for others and for us.

Some years ago, I strongly believed that a person alone could hardly make a difference in any situation, unless you were a celebrity or the president, meaning that you need to be powerful and popular to even get noticed. I’m glad my thoughts have changed about what I can do.

I’m the kind of person that opens the door for the elders, (or even for anyone that has their hands full, it doesn’t matters their age or gender); and I always say thank you when I’m the lucky one that finds the now uncommon guy that opens the door for me. The more I smile, the friendlier the world becomes.

There is a saying in one of my favorite movie called Robots that goes: “see the need, fill the need”.  What about being the one standing out because we are filling the need?. Maybe politeness, friendliness and caring is all that is needed. We all have the power in us to make that difference.

Have an awesome day.

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