Today is the most important day of my life!.

No, it’s not my graduation; I haven’t landed in my dream job yet; I’m not getting married, nor traveling to my dream vacation place. I’m not giving birth or achieving any milestone in the path of my life. In fact today is a common, routine like kind of day. Yes, the one that has the laundry and dishes waiting to be done.

Actually today might be the most important day in your life too, and it’s the most important day of our lives because today, the present moment, is what is shaping our future and our relationships. Past is gone and future will come, but today and now is when we have the power to choose, to change, to try again and learn.

Of course I plan to live a long good life, and I hope to see my kids graduate from college and get married. But because I don’t have the certainty that this will happen, that is why I try to avoid taking for granted that they are here.

I love watching them grow and every time they accomplish something, (like when they learned to read, write, or to ride a two-wheel bike), I feel so happy for them, because I know they are becoming self-reliant and I feel that some how they don’t need me that much. I also feel sad because I know is part of letting them go away.

We always need to be around people who love us, but becoming independent is part of growing; which is a constant reminder for me to enjoy them now, because they won’t be with me forever.

The same is true for all my relationships. I try to express my ideas, love and support all the time. I don’t think it twice about telling my friends how special and important they are to me. Each time when we meet I try to avoid leaving feeling as I missed to say or do something.

People don’t lose a close relationship only when someone dies, there are many ways we can stop being in contact with each other; things are always changing: we change jobs, the place we live in, the activities we do, so we can easily take different paths in life.

For now, each night I go to bed in peace because I know that my loved ones are here safe with me. But also because I think that If I don’t wake up, I won’t have any kind of regrets about the things that I would have said or done. And if I do wake up, as I will certainly do, it will mean that I have again the opportunity to give, to say, and to do all I can, to create the strong relationships I dream of .

So enjoy your everyday ordinary moments, they give us the gift of connection with the people we love one more time.

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