Love Yourself.

One of my favorite lyrics is the song “Just the way you are” singed by Billy Joel. I love this song because it talks about total love and acceptance of his partner for who she is.
The line I like the most is: “Don’t go changing to try to please me, you never let me down before”.

I believe that each of us yearns to have a relationship just like this one, it sounds just great; and actually, I’m not just talking about finding a partner that totally adores you. I think that all of our relationships should be this way. No, I don’t mean that everyone should adore us either, I’m saying that the key ingredient of all relationships is acceptance. What’s the reason to have friends that aren’t supportive, the ones that are around us only in good times, or a partner that is always trying to change us in one way or another?

I also think that the first step to create this kind of relationship is to love and accept ourselves the way we want others to love us. This might sound odd if while growing up you have been told that thinking about yourself is selfish, and that nobody is going to love you if you are that way. Once again, neither of the extremes are good, putting ourselves at the end of the line is as bad as always wanting all the attention and wanting to be first in everything.

Do you agree that the greatest critic we often face is ourselves?. That we talk to ourselves in a way that we never think to talk to anyone else, and that we forgive others easily, but we keep putting us down for the slightest mistakes?.

Loving yourself is trusting your intuition, forgiving yourself for your mistakes instead of getting stuck in regret and criticism, and basically, is treating yourself as you would treat your best friend.

Once you love yourself, we need just to be ourselves: You like yourself, accept yourself and you let the real you be seen. Love, friendship and connections are about being compatible. How many baseball games can you handle before telling your boyfriend that you don’t even understand the game?.

Love is like magic, it’s so mysterious, it appears out of the blue, and you just know it’s there because you feel it. There is no recipe to follow to make someone fall for you; actually the more you want to impress someone, the more it is likely that you’ll scare him away.

You just need to be yourself and the people who love you, will like you just the way you are, no perfection or pretending required. You are lovable, trust me.

Love ? I love love love you.
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