Always Doing The Right Thing?

In an ideal world everyone would follow the rules and when not, everyone would be treated equally. You’ll always get what you deserve and there wouldn’t be exceptions under any circumstances.

But for best or worse, life and the world we live in are not perfect, and we have plenty of opportunities to wonder: “What’s the right thing to do?”.  

Have you heard a story like this before?: January 24, 2012. Overland Park, Kansas. An Officer stops a car for speeding and makes an unexpected delivery. Do you think the couple deserved a ticket anyway?.

And when we screw it up, intentionally or unintentionally, when is good to have a second opportunity?, who is worthy of it?.

How can we know that by letting it go this time, the lesson has been learned and the mistake won’t be repeated? Like when your boyfriend hits you, and swears not to do it ever again; or your wife cheats on you and you forgive her.

I value life over anything else, but I totally understand why a teenager that was abused is now thinking in abortion.

I think that we shouldn’t criticize anyone until we try to walk a mile in their shoes. It’s so easy to say: “I would never do that”, when you are comfortable, trouble less and safe in your home. I also believe that if I was the one struggling, I might act in a different way than the way I’m stating when the problem is just hypothetical. As Lincoln said: “They are just what we would be under similar circumstances”.

For me, there is no unique and universal answer, the way things will turn out will depend on the people and circumstances involved. We are unique, we react in different ways and also, we have a different hierarchy of values.

Some people will care about enforcing the law anyway, no exceptions; others won’t care anymore after finding out what was really going on. Some will do anything to stay in a relationship, and others won’t. A brave teenager might have that baby and keep it, or give it in adoption. Everyone does the best they can, with the knowledge they have, in the situation they are.

In general, the right thing to do would be in the scope of the law; of course we can’t break the rules just because we consider that we have a valid argument, and if we do, we will still be responsible for its consequences. What we need to do, is to find a way to change the law, or at least try to change it, so that it includes our point of view; for example: recognizing same-sex partners as couples.

In our relationships, when we remember that we all are different, that no one sees or does the things the same way we do; when we listen without judgment, when we try to understand why people do whatever they do, when we try to include other point of view and we don’t label this position as inferior or wrong; the outcome is empathy, less conflict and bonding.

We do what we think is the best based in our experiences, values and beliefs; and at the very end, we relate to those who are like us. We like to surround ourselves with like-minded people.

Eventually we will find someone who differs from us and have a disagreement; but the end of conflict is balance between both parts.

I hope you can find balance wherever you go, and that what you do, is the right thing to do.

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