Balance In Life

I’m a person who needs a balanced life. What I mean, is that frequently when I’m resting reading a book or watching a movie, I feel the need to do something like cleaning the table, washing the dishes, or doing the laundry afterward. This is because,  if I postpone everything then I will feel overwhelmed by all the things that would need to be done at some point later.

The opposite is also true, after working for a while, I get tired, bored or both and I need to rest. Because not having a break makes me feel like I don’t have time for myself and the things that I enjoy; having a couple of hours to read a book, go to the gym or write, is such a treat.

Surprisingly, I never thought about extending this habit to a bigger scope. It was until a good friend commented that Saturdays are his days off, meaning that he does only fun things that day. For example: He would ride his bike in the morning, go out for lunch, practice on his clarinet later and go with his wife to the movies in the afternoon. There is no grocery shopping, cleaning, repairing or business phone calls on that day.

I thought that this way of living was awesome and gave it a try. I have to say that I felt in love with this life style. Having just one day a week to forget about all my “to do” list and just have fun really refreshed me, so I picked Saturdays as my carefree day.

I think that a once a year vacation is not enough to resSaturday with Friends and Family  028t and recharge. Usually we feel valued only for the things we accomplish, but resting is like plugging rechargeable batteries into the charger, they seem to be laying there doing nothing, but that nothing means getting the energy needed to power something later on. This is why I consider that resting is not wasting time.

Even when you are in the middle of a problem and decide to take a break, doing an activity that keeps your mind off everything, sometimes you will notice that the solution will just come out of the blue.

Actually now my ideal is to have every day something to look forward, something that makes me feel happy and alive. Is like being in love, waiting all day for the time when you and your loved one will be together again. Find something that sparkles you with joy and helps to jump out of the bed in the morning, enjoy life at its full, and don’t feel guilty when you need some time to rest.

Until next time readers!

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2 Responses to Balance In Life

  1. l0ve0utl0ud says:

    I agree – I try to make sure that Sunday is my day of rest, although I don’t always manage to keep it washing or cleaning free, but in general I allow myself to simply go with the flow of my desires for that one day.

    • joyce75 says:

      I’m so happy that you have a day mostly for fun too. I really think it makes a difference in the energy and mood for the week that is coming. Thanks so much for writing.

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