Follow Your Dreams

I have always been jealous of young people who seem to know what they want to be when they grow up, or the ones who are already grown up, and say: “I knew I wanted to be an architect since I was in middle school”.

This is because I really had a hard time trying to figure out what I will be doing when that magic time came.
The more I tried to find which was my innate talent, how could I exploit it and thrive, the more clueless I felt. It seem I couldn’t find a natural passion or a handful of skills to lean on to make a living.

Besides, my parent’s view of success is defined by having one or more degrees, the kind that states you as a lawyer, doctor, astronaut and so on. Definitively forget about musician, dancer, poet or any artist like careers.

So, I went on following recommendations, that is, trying to please everybody else but me. Probably I just wanted to have someone to blame if things went wrong, I was a teen and didn’t know any better.

Fortunately at some point I got feed up with being complacent and started living my life, that is, making decisions and assuming its consequences. I started listening to and following my dreams.

Of course, sometimes I screw it up, but even at that time, I felt happier than succeeding in something I wasn’t interested in. I was proud of myself for trying, and view the experience as it is: learning.

As I grew up, I was glad to find out that anyone: musicians, ballet dancers or yoga teachers, really can make a living out of their dreams. Actually, now I’m convinced that the only way to flourish is by listening to yourself and by following your dreams

Because when it’s your dream the one you are following, you have the energy to keep going from inside out. You have the passion needed to defeat adversity, and actually going against everybody else’s opinion might just be the sign that you chose right.

Inner motivation is powerful, the seed to success is already there, instead of all the waste of energy needed just to convince you to start going when you are not up to it.

Also, when you do what you love, you do it because it makes you happy, happiness feeds your soul and gives you the energy to keep going. Money becomes a second matter.

Even when your dream is not paying your bills, and is just a hobby, it’s the place where you go to charge your batteries, the palace where you find peace at the end of a chaotic day. If that’s what keeps you going, keeps your humor or just lift your spirit, that is priceless.

So, I wish you have the courage to live your dreams and have a wonderful life in the meantime.

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