A Word About Happiness

I will be happy when I get married ….

I will be happy when I lose weight …..

I will be happy when I have a car, a job, or a house… You name it.

When was the last time you promised yourself happiness?.

I think I have promised myself all of this and more, and I remember that when I bought the car, I wanted the house, and shortly after I wanted the marriage.

I remember too, that every time when I reached my goal I did feel happy, but happiness did not last forever. Eventually I got tired, I felt I was on a hamster wheel, running as fast as I could but getting no where.

Then I met “A happy guy”, and the first thought I had is:” for sure he is happy because he has such and easy life, a loving marriage, a big house, a fun job, a grown up daughter and so on. But the more I got to know him, I realized that this wasn’t true. Yes, he has a fun job, which is very physical demanding and with a tight schedule that leaves scarce time to do what he likes: time for his hobbies or to spend it with his wife. Her daughter still depends on them, so is not like his duty is over, (anyway, I think that as a parent, you can’t ever say that you are finally off the hook).

I couldn’t help but ask myself: “How come people who actually have a harder life than me, enjoyed it more?, What’s wrong with me?, What’s the secret?, What am I missing?”. I started looking for answers.  Now, some years after, I have learned that happiness is a sate of mind, it is more an attitude than something that you find or reach after a long quest.

You decide to be happy when you enjoy the journey instead of postponing happiness until the end, the big moment when you reach your goal.

In this way, you can be happy going to work today, because that’s the way you earn the money that will help you buy all the stuff you desire. Instead of just being happy when you actually earn enough to finally get it.

You decide to be happy when you are grateful of what you have, instead of thinking and focusing on what you lack, while still studying, improving or preparing yourself for new responsibilities.

You decide to be happy when you don’t have a fixed plan or way things should go, better your are open to new opportunities and surprises that come each day and moment.

You decide to be happy when you put your worries or problems aside and rest and relax to charge your energies to come back feeling better equipped to deal with them.

You decide to be happy when you know what you like and you do it often.

And best of all, you decide to be happy when you realize you have the power to create your own life by choosing the options that make you happy.

I wish that you too, find your way to happiness.

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2 Responses to A Word About Happiness

  1. Ester Perez says:

    Great article! I have to agree with you about finding out how to find happiness. It is the journey that counts and enjoying the NOW that brings ultimate happiness that lasts. Thank you for your blog!
    Love & Blessings,

    • joyce75 says:

      Hi Ester.
      I’m sorry it took me so long to realize that I should say something about the comments, I’m still learning how things work around this.
      Thanks a lot for your love, blessings and kind words.
      Good luck with your blog too.

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